Winning beyond the Bad Beat.

Bad beats are inevitable in poker; even those who manage to hold an ideal hand will at some time or another find that even this is not enough! So… Bad Beats are just a part of poker that all players have to accept? No! Mansion Poker’s Bad Beat Bonus is all about rewarding those who end up getting beaten even with a perfect hand.

If you're beaten in a Texas Hold’em cash game while you were holding a hand of four Kings or better, we'll give you $250!

This is when a bad beat, means a good time…

The Bad Beat Bonus is governed by the following conditions:

Bad Beat Bonus Regulations:

  • In order to qualify for the Bad Beat Bonus, beaten hands must be quad Kings or better.

  • Both the winning and losing hands are required to include both pocket-cards.

  • In order to claim the Bad Beat Bonus, players must send an email to support [at] mansionpoker [dot] com within 48 hours.

Bad Beat Bonus Payoff:

$250 goes to a losing player in a Texas Hold’em ring table whose qualifying hand loses to an even stronger hand held by another player.


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