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As well as the online poker Club Mansion VIP Program we also offer a unique online poker Loyalty Scheme which will reward you for maintaining your VIP level for extended periods of time. Maintain poker membership of Club Mansion for three months and you can claim additional Mansion Points, which can be exchanged for cash bonuses or poker tournament tickets in our Club Mansion Shop.

Maintain your level for six months when playing poker online and the poker rewards are even greater!

See the table below for details of how much you can claim.

VIP Level 3 Months Points Boost 6 Months Points Boost
Club 15,000 6 months points x 1.75
Pro 30,000 6 months points x 2.0
Elite 105,000 6 months points x 2.5
Platinum 300,000 6 months points x 2.5
Diamond 760,000 6 months points x 3.0

Please note that these Loyalty Scheme points boost are based on the Status Points earned over the period for which the boost is claimed, and the benefit is issued as Mansion Points.

The six month boost is capped at the next VIP level. For example an Elite poker player can only claim the Elite six month boost on a maximum of 50,000 poker points each month (the Platinum threshold).

Rookie and Hotshot poker players are not eligible for 3 month and 6 month Points boosts.



With the Mansion Poker Loyalty Scheme, you have the choice of the following:

  • How much?

  • How often?

  • Which reward to claim?

Boost Points are based on Status Points earned over the last 6 months. However you can choose when to claim your Boost Points and over which 6 month period the online poker boost will be applied to.

If you wish to claim either a three month or six month online poker boost please e-mail support [at] mansionpoker [dot] com. We will respond to all poker claims within 72 hours of the online poker claim being received.

The Mansion Points are intended for us in the Club Mansion Shop to purchase cash bonuses or tournament tickets.



Save your points for bigger and better rewards. Huge online poker cash bonuses are available with bigger discounts on bigger rewards. 

Reward Value Mansion Points Point Value
Cash Bonus $10 8,000 800 Pts per $
Cash Bonus $50 35,000 700 Pts per $
Cash Bonus $100 60,000 600 Pts per $
Cash Bonus $500 250,000 500 Pts per $
Cash Bonus $1,000 480,000 480 Pts per $
Cash Bonus $3,000 1,200,000 400 Pts per $
Cash Bonus $7,500 2,760,000 368 Pts per $
Cash Bonus $25,000 8,700,000 348 Pts per $
Cash Bonus $75,000 24,900,000 332 Pts per $
Cash Bonus $100,000 32,000,000 320 Pts per $



At Mansion Poker we understand that once you reach the three month online poker target it can be tempting to cash in your poker chips and claim the online poker Boost Points.

That's why we are here for you even if you drop a level when playing online poker such as Texas Hold'em. During the following three months our unique poker Loyalty Scheme will ensure that you don't lose out.

Claim for six months at one online poker level lower and you will be guaranteed a bigger online poker reward than if you had claimed it after only three months.

Example 1

Here's an example of what this means to you as an online poker player:

If you maintain a level of Elite or higher for three months, you can claim 105,000 online poker Boost Points. However if you stay at Elite level or higher for a further 3 months (making a total of 6 months) you can claim at least 300,000 and up to 750,000 online poker Boost Points. The levels are based on the previous month of play. But you don't have to worry if you drop a level!

If you stay at Elite level or higher for a further 3 months, then drop down to Pro level for the next 3 months – you will still benefit. You will be able to still claim between 96,000 and 240,000 online poker Boost Points! That's better than if you had claimed after 3 months. This is because you will have maintained a minimum of Pro level for 6 months.

It really does pay to play online poker for longer. It's that simple.

Remember : Think Big... and optimize your online poker benefits.

Example 2

Here's another example of how you can maximise your online poker reward from the Loyalty Scheme when you play poker online.

If you maintain an online poker level of Elite for three months and decide to increase your online poker Boost Points by playing for an additional three months, you will reach a poker Platinum Club level for the next three months.

You could now claim for 6 months at an Elite level and claim between 300,000 and 750,000 online poker Boost Points. On the other hand, you can also claim the first three months at an Elite level for 105,000 Boost Points, maintain a Platinum status for a further three months and then pocket between 750,000 and 1.5 million online poker Boost Points in addition to the 105,000 Boost Points that you've already earened.

Remember... It's in your hands.



When playing poker online, our dedicated online poker Member Service support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year in order to offer online poker advice and assistance on how to get the best out of our unique online poker Loyalty Scheme.


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