1. Multi-currency poker lobby

It is now possible to play online poker cash games and tournaments in the following currencies:

  • US Dollar $
  • GB Pound £
  • Euro €

2. Auto top up on poker cash tables

This new online poker feature is designed to assist multi-tabling poker players to adjust their chip stack without slowing down the poker game.

The online poker player decides a minimum amount for his stack and when it drops to this level it is automatically topped up to a pre-defined limit.

Click on: Options > Table Action >Auto top-up (Cash Games), to bring up the Auto Top-up Preferences box.

3. Hand for hand poker play

When you play poker online, hand for hand poker play is used in multi poker table tournaments when the poker tournament is nearing a significant increase in the prize payouts and/or when the poker players approach the final table.

During hand for hand play, all poker tables are considered to be on the same hand, until the hand in progress is completed.

When an online poker table finishes the hand, it may not start a new hand until all of the other poker tables have finished their hands.

Messages will appear on the poker table informing players of hand for hand play.

4. Customisable lobby

  • Click on ‘My Favourites’ to customise your online poker lobby
  • Select NL, PL or Fixed to filter by bet type
  • Select Micro, Low, Medium or High stakes to suit your own stakes and game types

5. Search online poker player feature

Click on ‘Search Player’ and simply type in the name of the poker player you want to find, for an up to date report on where the poker player(s) can be found.

6. Online poker tournament time-bank

In some multi-table poker tournaments, it is now possible to use extra time for making decisions during a poker player’s turn in a tournament using the time-bank.

Click on the timer to activate time-bank.

7. Quick seat

Click on the quick seat tab to be seated matching your defined criteria.

8. Casino side games

The upgraded Poker Lobby provides easier access to an improved choice of casino side games.

Casino Side Games


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